Dark Souls for PC plagued with issues

There’s some bad news rumbling around for those who are foaming at the mouth for Dark Souls’ arrival on PC.

Producer Daisuke Uchiyama said at E3 that From Software “haven’t been able to step up into doing any specific optimisation for PC. It’s more strictly a port from the console version.” This means that the framerate issues from the console versions will most likely be present in the PC version as well.

Nobu Taguchi of Namco Bandai America admitted that between From Software and Namco Bandai, they don’t really have strong PC experience; the sudden request for a PC version was unexpected.

This demand started with an online petition for a PC port which garnered tens of thousands of signatures in less than a month. Saguchi explained how that show of interest caused Namco Bandai to see if it was viable. “At that point that’s when we brought it over to From Software to discuss the concept of ‘are you able to create this PC version of the game that everybody is asking for?

“From Software being very community orientated said that “We’ll try our best” but one of the concepts they were fearing was that just bringing out a straight port wouldn’t suffice at all.”

Thus the developer decided to expand the game with extra bosses and a new PvP mode being put in PC’s Prepare to Die edition.

While the framerate issues may persist, Saguchi thinks that the extra raw power of computers will help alleviate the problems, particularly high-end PCs. “While the game hasn’t been tweaked itself, because it’s very difficult to tweak, but for people who play on the PC, which is arguably a lot more stronger format to work off of, it does improve the framerate issues,” he said.

“I think it’s really inherent on the person’s setup in terms of what kind of power the game can use. So it’s a little bit more difficult to determine, it really kind of shifts along with the processor that you’re selling.”

“It’s definitely going to be better than the console version,” he added . “It’s just that in terms of what PC gamers are maybe looking at in terms of what they usually play, it may not match up.”

Source: PCGamer

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Dark Souls for PC plagued with issues

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