Xbox 720, Kinect V2, AR glasses “leaked”

There’s very little that slips by on the internet. The most recent not-very-sneaky document that failed to evade the eyes of the interweb is that of Microsoft.

The “leaked” file dates back to 2010, making it relatively ‘old’ in terms of whats going on at the moment, but the fact that the 56-page document makes reference to SmartGlass (which was recently revealed at E3) adds some weight to the information.

Details regarding the next Xbox, codenamed ‘Fortaleza’, shows that the next Microsoft console is set to feature Blu-ray compatibility, Kinect V2, augmented reality glasses and has a 2013 release date.

The document also slaps a $299.99 price tag on the yet-to-be-announced console.

The codename ‘Fortaleza’ is also a name of a Brazilian city, which is much like the ‘Project Natal’ alias used in the early days of Kinect which also referenced another Brazillian city, Natal.

The legitimacy of the document is obviously in question, though it seems a little too accurate to be fabricated.

A section of the document showing the plans for ‘Fortaleza’.

Source: GameInformer

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Xbox 720, Kinect V2, AR glasses “leaked”

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