GOG’s new special makes gamers battle for deals

GOG seem to be bringing in the deals and specials lately, as the online service is throwing out the game-buying incentives to keep PC gamers busy.

The latest is the Battle of the Games special, which will give gamers a monster discount on their favourite game, although, it has to fight for it.

The deal, which will last from June 19 to July 5, will pit two games against each other every day, with users then voting to determine a winner after 24 hours.

The winning game will receive a 60% discount, while the runner-up gets a 40% for the next 24 hours after the battle ends.

For Round 1, we have the epic CD-ROM adventure, Myst: Masterpiece Edition, in the red corner, up against the spine-chilling horror game, The 7th Guest, holding it down in the blue corner.

To cast your vote, head over to the GOG summer promo page, and express your love.

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GOG’s new special makes gamers battle for deals

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