Okami HD coming to PSN later this year

Capcom has confirmed that an HD remake of the now defunct Clover Studios’ PS2 watercolour-’em-up Okami will be dropping onto the PlayStation Network sometime later this year. More specifically “this fall”, which, as linguists know, is North Hemispherese for “this spring”.

No actual date has been announced, although rumour has it the game is due to launch in Japan on 1 November, so mark that on your calendars in the meantime.

The HD remaster of the game features 16:9, 1080p pretties, PlayStation Trophies, and – inevitably – support for the PlayStation Move controller, making this perhaps the first game ever that seems appropriate for the Sony magic stick peripheral.

It’s also officially named Okami Zekkie-ban in Japanese, which apparently translates to “Okami Magnificent Version”, so you know exactly what you’re getting here, people. It’s nothing short of magnificent, or your money back! Maybe not the bit about getting your money back, though.

The game will reportedly be tagged at $19.99.

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Okami HD coming to PSN later this year

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