Wii U more powerful than 360 and PS3 – Crytek

While many gamers and industry people have been speculating that the Wii U’s technical prowess is less than that of current-gen consoles, namely the Xbox 360 and PS3, Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has come out saying that Nintendo’s upcoming console isn’t one to be underestimated.

“My opinion of the Wii U is very high,” he said. “It’s just that we didn’t have a business case unfortunately that justifies us making a game for it.”

“It doesn’t mean that CryEngine 3 doesn’t run on Wii U – it actually runs beautifully. In fact, there actually is a game in development from a respected developer that we will be announcing. I’ve seen the game running and it looks really great.”

Yerli estimated that the Wii U hardware is “minimum on par with the current generation.”

“From my perspective I do not understand the public’s concerns that the Wii U is weaker than PS3 and 360,” he said. “That I cannot see. From my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360.”

Earlier in the week, the Crytek boss spoke about the possibility of a Timesplitters sequel, using the CryEngine 3 technology.

During E3 2012 Nintendo shared a little more info on the hardware powering the Wii U, but stopped short of getting into details. The console will use an IBM Power-based multi-core processor, and AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU.

Source: CVG

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  • ShadoWolf

    Well, since it’s coming out after the PS3 and Xbox, that’s quite obvious. But, how much more powerful is it? 10%? 20%?

    I doubt much more…

  • Draco Lusus

    I’d bloody well hope it was more powerful then current gen consoles. Considering those consoles are TEN YEARS OLD! I’d hope it was freaking 5-10x more powerful, otherwise its not only obsolete tech before its released, but completely useless in comparison to the theoretical hardware the competition will be throwing it in a years time.

  • Saint_Dee

    I think the Wii U could probably be a hit, especially if the tech behind it is enough of an upgrade in performance on the current gen consoles (Xbox 360 & PS3), and if they hit the right price point. They don’t have to match the next PS or Xbox in terms of performance.

  • Inseperable Generation

    CryEngine 3 Running smoothly(which is standard 60fps) on the Wii-U, i’d say its about as powerful as a midrange PC of Today, which is more powerful than a ps3 and a xbox360.. just saying if you had to compare respectively.

  • Saint_Dee

    Xbox 360 – 7 years, PS3 – 6 years… 😉

Wii U more powerful than 360 and PS3 – Crytek

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