Control a Hindu goddess? Religious leader not happy

An upcoming free-to-play MMO, Smite, features a number of mythical gods going head-to-head in ancient battlegrounds, although no-one bothered to ask how the religious leaders actually felt about this.

Three gods in particular have caught the attention of Hindu leader Rajan Zed, as the Hindu gods Kali, Vamana and Agni are all portrayed as fighting warriors in the online game.

Zed has expressed that he feels the game trivialises the Hindu religion and its gods by using their images in such a manner.

While Hindus pride themselves on the element of free-speech, the general feeling towards Smite is that it’s belittling entities and beliefs that should be respected.

We understand creative license, but when touching on subjects related to religion, it should be done with some serious tact and tastefulness.

Source: Kotaku

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Control a Hindu goddess? Religious leader not happy

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