Desktop Dungeons – done when it’s done

SA developed action-roguelike Desktop Dungeons has been an indie darling in the local gaming scene for quite some time now.

Coming from humble beginnings, the title won the design award at IGF 2011, where it managed to beat out the likes of Minecraft, Faraway and Super Crate Box.

Developers QCF Design took home a prize purse of US$2500 (±R17,260), after famously taking to the stage to accept the award and saying “We kind of didn’t write a speech because of Minecraft.” The game was also nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, but ultimately Minecraft came out on top in that category.

Desktop Dungeons was also featured at E3 2011. When talking about appearing at the expo, QCF’s Rodain Joubert said “The news kinda snuck up on us, but in a good way. Like a mugger who wants to bludgeon you with a wiffle bat. Except that the wiffle bat is made of delicious chocolate. And the mugger’s actually IndieCade.”

Although the game has been wildly praised through its beta stages, both internationally and locally, it has yet to be released. It has wildly missed its original 17 October 2011 launch date, but QCF explained that this was due to numerous tweaks, fixes, balances and other developmental dark magic that needed to be done.

Desktop Dungeons

MyGaming caught up with QCF’s Stetson fedora-wearing man of mystery and Desktop Dungeons brainchild, Rodain Joubert, to find out just why the game has yet to be released.

MyGaming: So, when isDesktop Dungeons actually coming out?

Joubert: I dunno… It keeps getting pushed back; we may have to take the Blizzard approach on this. A couple more months?

MyGaming: Why such a big delay?

Joubert: Aside from the usual excuses? We’re really finding it difficult to contain the rapid expansion of the game thus far.

Right now, we actually have way more content than we originally anticipated, and polishing up all of that is taking up quite some time. It’ll be a bit longer before the game is “mainstream presentable”, though the closed beta is already enjoying a lot of feedback and success.

MyGaming: What about the mobile version of Desktop Dungeons, any news on that?

Joubert: We haven’t been thinking much about the mobile versions recently, just focusing on the PC stuff.

You can pre-order Desktop Dungeons here for $10 (R80).

Desktop Dungeons

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Desktop Dungeons – done when it’s done

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