Microsoft secures “Xbox 8” domains

What’s “Xbox 8”? For the moment, it’s anybody’s guess, but following a legal dispute over the Xbox 8 domain name, Microsoft has now secured the rights to and, suggesting that Xbox 8 is a thing that the company plans to market in the future.

It’s not altogether unlikely that Xbox 8 could be the name of the next-generation Xbox, falling in line with Microsoft’s Windows 8 multi-device platform, or even the console’s future dashboard software. Also, if you turn the 8 over on its side, it looks like the infinity symbol, and Xbox Infinity is a totally badass name. It also kind of looks like googly eyes. The Xbox Googly Eyes? You read it here first.

As a result of the legal dispute, Microsoft now owns the domains,,,, and Conspicuously absent is, so maybe I should get in there and register it so Microsoft has to pay me money to get it back.

Source: Fusible

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Microsoft secures “Xbox 8” domains

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