Resident Evil 6 demo out now

For those of you Xbox 360 gamers who picked up Capcom’s impressive action/RPG Dragon’s Dogma, you’ll be glad to know that you can now redeem that Resident Evil 6 voucher bundled with the game.

The voucher will allow you to download the RE6 demo from today, giving you early access into the flesh-eating zombie-fest that awaits in Capcom’s upcoming entry.

For those of you who didn’t buy it, or are PS3 gamers, you’ll get it too, in 3 months from now on 2 October. PC gamers will have to wait even longer before they try out the new Resident Evil game.

The demo showcases all three of the game’s subplots, following Leon, Chris and Jake, along with their respective partners.

Note that even if you redeem the code on or through Xbox LIVE, you’ll have to start Dragon’s Dogma to snag the demo. The download can be found via Dogma’s main menu.

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Resident Evil 6 demo out now

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