PS1, PS2 games coming via PS3 streaming service

Sony’s recent acquisition of online game streaming service, Gaikai, has raised a lot of eyebrows in terms of what to expect from the future of Playstation.

Sony have also revealed their plans to bring Playstation 1 (PSX) and Playstation 2 (PS2) games to the PS3’s online service.

While some of these games are currently available for download, a report suggests that Sony is planning to build a “multiverse”, like that of the PS Store, which will allow players to stream popular gaming titles of yesteryear. These games will also be downloadable for free, although there is no information regarding the pricing model the system will use.

“If we’d acquired Gaikai for anything other than that reason, it would have been a wasted investment”, said a Sony source.

“You’d better believe we’re working hard to roll this out soon…once the integration is complete, expect a checkmate [in regards to the Xbox 360].”

Nothing concrete is available, although, if anything were to come of Sony’s streaming plans with Gaikai’s service, GamesCom would be a good place to announce something.

Source: GameFanatics

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PS1, PS2 games coming via PS3 streaming service

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