DayZ retail version “a certainty”

One of the most popular PC mods in recent times is DayZ.

The mod adds a zombie-survival mode to the military shooter ArmA II, and has ignited the game’s sales since the mod was released.

DayZ has created such a demand that it’s looking to get it’s own full retail release, so that everyone can get in on the zombie-killing action.

“I think that’s a certainty,” said Dean Hall, the creator of the mod. “Either someone else or myself will do it.”

Hall added: “It’s proven it’s got legs, it’s incredibly able to make a heap of money, so I think yep, it’s a certainty. It’s just a question of when and by who.”

Hall works at ArmA II’s studio Bohemia Interactive, although conceptualised the DayZ mod while in the army, thinking that most games fail to capture the emotional strain of survival on the battlefield.

Source: BeefJack

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DayZ retail version “a certainty”

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