Free Mars Rover Landing game for Kinect descends onto Xbox LIVE

Ahead of the Mars rover Curiosity’s descent and landing on the red planet next month, Microsoft and NASA have launched a free, Kinect-powered Mars Rover Landing game on Xbox so you kids at home can experience your very own “seven minutes of terror”.

And that’s just setting up and calibrating the Kinect!

“We went to some pains to reflect some authentic details in the game experience,” NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory man Jeff Norris told USA Today. “And we are hoping that people get a little bit of a taste of what we all are going to be going through late on the night of August 5.”

The game features the three stages of Curiosity’s landing procedure, but with, you know, lots of waving of arms and jumping around the lounge and breaking things instead of science.

According to the game’s blurb over on

How hard is it to land on Mars? Test your skills! Your mission: guide NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity to its landing site safely and on target. Use your body to direct the craft and control thrusters as you descend. Gain avatar gear and achievements for a safe landing. The rover’s success depends on you!

Wait, wait, wait. It has achievements? Excuse me, I just remembered I have something really, really important to do this afternoon.

Source: USA Today

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Free Mars Rover Landing game for Kinect descends onto Xbox LIVE

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