Dead Trigger for Android now free because of “unbelievably high” piracy

Good news and bad news, people, and they’re both basically the same news. Don’t ask how, it’s complicated journalist stuff and if I told you, I’d have to have you apprehended and processed and shipped to a special camp in Siberia and I’m busy enough as it is today.

So the good news is that Madfinger’s zombie shooter, Dead Trigger, is now free on Android. The bad news is that the game is free because everybody was already stealing it anyway and there was no simply point charging for it anymore.

In a statement over on Facebook, the Czech developer said that even at just $0.99, the piracy rate on Android was “unbelievably high”. It’s a pretty sad indictment of the market when people won’t even pay a single dollar for something.

Perhaps predictably, there’s now a whole lot of drama because those people who did pay that dollar are angry because nobody else has to now. A WHOLE DOLLAR. That’s like R8. I guess I’d also be pissed if I’d re-mortaged my home to buy a game on my phone, except I didn’t have to because it’s just R8.

You can grab Dead Trigger for nothing on the Google Play store, although it’s still tagged at $0.99 on iOS. Apparently iPhone owners are just way more honest.

Source: The Verge

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Dead Trigger for Android now free because of “unbelievably high” piracy

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