Modern Warfare 3 advert scares children

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 advert has been banned from showing on a UK TV broadcaster’s network until after 7:30 PM following complaints from viewers.

According to a report on ITV, two viewers complained that the ad wasn’t appropriate for daytime screening, leading a media watchdog to ban the ad until evening programming. Apparently one of the viewer’s kids were “frightened by the advert”, although it’s not entirely clear from the context whether they were frightened by the scenes in the ad or the five year old graphics engine.

The ad features gameplay footage of things exploding and people shooting guns and pretty much everything else you can see on Sky News 24 hours a day.

Also, if it takes just two complaints to get something banned from TV, I bet we’d need only five complaints to get all under-18s banned from playing the game altogether. I mean, it’s rated for 18 and over, anyway. Who’s with me? We could totally launch a Kickstarter or something.

Source: ITV (via VideoGamer)

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Modern Warfare 3 advert scares children

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