Over 350TB SA gaming traffic per month

South African gaming service providers (GSP) WAGE (Web Africa Gaming Experience) and MWEB have revealed that gamers are generating over 350TB of traffic combined through their gaming services each month.

GSPs such as WAGE and MWEB provide game servers on their network for popular titles, and also provide mirrors for digital content services such as Steam. This benefits gamers, who will receive a better gaming experience on local servers, and faster downloads of digitally distributed gaming content.

It also benefits the providers, who will be able to keep traffic within their own network, reducing operating costs.

We caught up with the GSPs to get a better breakdown of this traffic, and to learn how many gamers are connecting to their networks.


Some key indications from WAGE included:

  • Over the last month, a total of 83,283 unique connections were made to all WAGE servers;
  • Average increase of 25% per month usage of game servers by Web Africa clients;
  • Average of 52.55TB of data throughput to/from WAGE servers per month, including Steam mirror traffic.

Speaking to Robert Tait from WAGE, he explained how they measure traffic on their gaming servers and services.

“These statistics are rough calculations. We realise that they do not reflect an actual player count and may not be precise, although they have been worked out as accurately from the given data. It provides an indication,” said Tait. “The unique connections count should provide an accurate reflection of title popularity and usage, until we can provide a player count to the public.”

“WAGE has grown steadily throughout the first half of 2012. Although no major campaigns have been launched over the last few months, it’s safe to say that we’ve noticed a gradual but steady trend of new gamers on our game services.”

“Loyal WAGE gamers, Web Africa customers, and new gamers on our network have increased since the beginning of this year, which is undoubtedly a good thing for both Web Africa and the gaming community in SA. The growth indicates that the  South African games market is continuing to grow,” said Tait.

MWEB GameZone

Key indications from MWEB GameZone included:

  • Active gamers on the MWEB network now exceed 50,000 per month;
  • An average of 76TB gaming data flow through the network per week;
  • 62% of that 76TB originates from the Steam mirrors, which equates to about 47TB a week.

MWEB’s Brad Kirby explained that breaking down the number of active gamers by servers is tricky. “[Providing the] number of active gamers on MWEB hosted game servers it’s a bit more complex to answer as those kind of stats are visible to the game publishers but not necessarily to hosts or administrators like ourselves.”

IS Gaming, iGame Online, and SAIX Gaming did not respond by the time of publication.

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Over 350TB SA gaming traffic per month

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