Spelunky free to play in your browser

In today’s roundup of ways to waste loads of time on the company’s dime, an HTML5 port of the indie megahit Spelunky is now available to play in your browser, right now, or as soon as your boss isn’t looking. Are they looking? Because you’re reading MyGaming instead of working, and that’s already a demerit on your employee record.

The original PC version of the game – built with GameMaker – was ported to HTML5 by Darius Kazemi in “about three hours”, and is reportedly not yet quite complete, but playable. The game doesn’t save your scores (yet), though, so people will just have to take you on your word when you tell them you reached the temple level without losing a single life. That’s probably better – or at least, somewhat less humiliating – than everybody knowing you can’t even make it through the mines without tripping over a snake onto a spider into GAME OVER.

I’m, uh, speculating. Yes. Speculating. Just five minutes ago, I totally got to the temple level without losing a single life, you know. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Obviously, this is the old, retro-looking version of the game and not the HD-pretty version launched on the Xbox LIVE Arcade in June, but hey, it’s free.

Source: Tiny Subversions

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Spelunky free to play in your browser

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