Big plans for SA gaming from Web Africa

Web Africa Gaming Experience (WAGE) is among the largest gaming service providers in South Africa, and has plans for getting involved in the competitive gaming scene, clan sponsorships, and hosting competitions and events.

WAGE hosts over 55 game and voice servers on its gaming service platform, so we caught up with Robert Tait, WAGE Games Master, to find out about the current state of the service, and what plans lay in store.

“Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty 4, and Counter-Strike are our most popular game titles, claiming 54% of the total number of unique connections to our services,” said Tait. “Over the last month, a total of 83,283 unique connections were made to all WAGE servers.”

“Other popular titles include Minecraft, Teeworlds, and without a doubt ARMA2, which is currently our fastest growing game title in popularity. This is without a doubt due to the DayZ mod, for which we have two servers running.” WAGE voice services such as TeamSpeak are also popular, Tait said.

“WAGE has grown steadily throughout the first half of 2012. Although no major campaigns have been launched over the last few months, it’s safe to say that we’ve noticed a gradual but increasingly steady trend of new gamers on our game services. Loyal WAGE gamers, Web Africa customers and new gamers on our network has increased since the beginning of this year, which is undoubtedly a good thing for both Web Africa and the gaming community in SA. The growth indicates that the  South African games market is continuing to grow,” said Tait.

Speaking to the future, Tait said: “We’re looking forward to the release of several major FPS multiplayer titles this year, primarily Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for which we already have beta servers operational. We are most certainly looking forward to the three upcoming Battlefield 3 multiplayer DLCs scheduled.”

“At the moment, we cannot publicise our upcoming plans, but we’ll certainly announce any new exciting campaigns, events and developments from our side. What we can say is that we’re looking forward to the final quarter of this year where we will become heavily involved in SA gaming and promise to continue providing quality services to all of the gamers out there.”

Tait highlighted some things to look forward to from WAGE, including:

  • Competitions;
  • Clan sponsorships;
  • Events;
  • Involvement in competitive gaming.

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Big plans for SA gaming from Web Africa

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