Billionaire attempting to build real-life Jurassic Park

Seems like anticipation for the rumoured Battlefield dinosaur mode has hit an all-time high, as an infamous Australian business man is attempting to build his own Jurassic Park.

Clive Palmer, known for being eccentric and wealthy, is attempting to develop a fully-fledged dinosaur wildlife park; and no, not animatronic, but real dinosaurs.

To do this, Palmer has been in talks with the people behind the successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep, in order to lure them into trying out some prehistoric DNA this time around.

Palmer wants his over-ambitious creation to roam around his sanctuary in his resort in Coolum, Queensland, Australia.

If you think this man is joking, just keep in mind his current project is a 21st century replica of the Titanic.

Queue Jurassic Park music.

There’s only one outcome…

Source: Business Insider

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Billionaire attempting to build real-life Jurassic Park

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