GaymerCon Kickstarter campaign launched

GaymerCon is already a thing that is totally happening in San Francisco next year, but the organisers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise cash to make the whole expo that much more, you know, fabulous!

The idea behind the convention is to create a safe space for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans people, and everybody else in between to go and get their game on without any of the discrimination that so tragically pervades gaming culture. Besides, with most regular conventions catering almost exclusively to heterosexual males, it’s probably about time we had some other options.

“Gamers, as a whole, have had to make space for themselves in a society that, for a long time, treated them as outsiders,” reads the blurb on the Kickstarter page.

“They have come together and created a real community of people, but one that is not always welcoming if you don’t fit into the mold. Just like most gamers, queer geeks and gaymers want that same sense of community and belonging. Therefore we intend to create a space where all gamers and queer geeks can come together in a welcoming and safe space.”

I’m Commander GayShep and this is my favourite gaming expo on the Citadel.

“We want all genders, races, and sexual identities including our straight friends and allies to come together and have a gay, geeky good time. We believe very strongly that creating a space like this is not only important for building a strong community, but also showing new generations of gaymers that there are others like them out there, they are not alone, and there is a welcoming place for them, not just at GaymerCon, but as part of the larger gaming community.”

The Kickstarter campaign is about putting some extra munnies in the piggybank for “swankier” venue hire, band bookings, gear, prizes, and all that other good stuff that gamers want. It’s already backed by GLaDOS, so there may be consequences for failure to donate.

Source: Kickstarter

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GaymerCon Kickstarter campaign launched

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