Prince of Persia reboot in development?

Could Ubisoft be working on a Prince of Persia reboot? An alleged screenshot of something called “POP_ZERO_2” was leaked online over the weekend, the “2” bit possibly making this an (alleged) sequel of an (alleged) PS2 reboot (allegedly) set in the modern day and (allegedly) codenamed “Prince of Persia Zero” that was (allegedly) binned back in 2008, and most of the (alleged) assets (allegedly) incorporated into Assassin’s Creed, although none of that was ever officially confirmed.

There’s not very much to go on the screenshot, although it’s definitely not a PS2 game, and it’s definitely not a contemporary setting.

An alleged recreation of 7th century Persia.

The last Prince of Persia game was The Forgotten Sands, launched in 2010. Ubisoft was rumoured to be prepping a new Prince of Persia game reveal for E3, but it never happened. The publisher has so far declined any comment on the (alleged) screenshot, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

My Magic 8-Ball says “PROSPECT GOOD”, though, but I’m not sure if that means this screenshot is or isn’t real.

Source: CVG

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Prince of Persia reboot in development?

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