iGame Online plans gaming server boosts

The gaming service provider (GSP) market in South Africa is growing from strength to strength as more gamers are gaining access to relatively affordable broadband services. iGame Online has said that they are experiencing an increased demand for gaming services, and will be upgrading their network and hardware accordingly in 2012.

We caught up with Zahir Khan, head of product at iGame Online, to see how the gaming service provider was performing in a competitive market, and what plans they have for the rest of 2012.

“iGame has seen significant growth in 2012, not only in the number of players now using iGame and our related server instances, but also those who support and participate in some of our broader initiative,” said Khan.

The most popular titles on iGame Online servers at the moment are the classic Call of Duty 4, and the more recent Battlefield 3. “Those are currently the biggest titles in terms of players, although some of our smaller titles see a lot of dedicated play from a smaller number of players,” said Khan.

“We are planning some significant additions to the iGame Portal over the course of the next few months, including a large base roll-out of additional hardware and supporting network infrastructure to accommodate the growing demand for the service,” Khan revealed. “We also have a few interesting plans in the works that should provide some pleasant surprises for gamers locally.”

“iGame has always been clear in stating the importance of both the gaming segment and the gaming user base[Gamers] are of the utmost importance to South African ISPs,” said Khan. “iGame remains dedicated to providing services to this segment.”

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iGame Online plans gaming server boosts

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