Great news for SA gamers from Afrihost

It has been nearly a year since ADSL ISP Afrihost launched their own gaming service in September 2011, which was followed by a product targeting the gaming-centric ADSL user in April 2012 – AfriGamer ADSL. We caught up with the company to find out whether these have been a successful endeavours, and what their plans are for the future.

AfriGamer hosts servers for game such as CounterStrike Source, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Brink, Homefront, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Afrihost’s Tyler Theron told us that Call of Duty is by far the most popular game on their service.

“We haven’t seen as much growth [in 2012] as we would like but this is mainly due to difficulties we’ve had securing rights to host certain titles, such as Battlefield 3 (which is a very popular request),” said Theron.

Discussing plans for AfriGamer going forward, Theron said “We’re in talks with various distributors and developers to try and expand the range of titles we currently host. We might be launching a League of Legends server soon if all goes according to plan and the demand is high enough.”

The AfriGamer ADSL product offers gamers 35GB of unshaped data, plus free data to all AfriGamer services, for R299 per month.

Speaking to the success of the AfriGamer ADSL product, Theron said “The uptake hasn’t been as great as we hoped but this is mainly due to a lack of content. We’re confident that as we expand our portfolio (which currently includes a few popular FPS titles as well as both TeamSpeak3 and Mumble voice servers), so too the demand for the product will increase.”

We asked how important the gaming market segment is for South Africa’s ISPs.

“It’s a very important market segment as gamers tend to be influencers among their peers. We’ve found over the past few months with the AfriGamer product that it’s very hard to win over gamers, and as such it’s important to maintain their faith/trust in the product and brand,” said Theron.

“We have a few exciting things which we are planning but will only know in the next few weeks if they are possible, at which point there might be some great news in store for all current and potential AfriGamers.”

Afrihost would like to know if South Africa’s gamers are interested in a local League of Legends server. Head on over to the MyGaming forum to cast your vote.

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Great news for SA gamers from Afrihost

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