Next-gen graphics will be like “old Batman to Dark Knight”

With the hype surrounding next-gen graphics expectations, Epic Games VP Mark Rein has likened video game visuals to that of the evolution of Batman portrayals.

When asked about the focus on role of visuals on next-gen consoles, Rein replied:

“Pushing the visuals will always be important. Humans evolve very slowly (over millions of years) but their tastes evolve at exponentially faster rates. This is true for pretty much all forms of entertainment and media.”

Rein used his Batman analogy to represent how the gamers’ tastes are constantly changing in terms of ‘what’ they want to see.

“During my own brief lifetime thus far I’ve gone from watching the Adam West Batman shows of the ‘60s to watching Christian Bale’s Dark Knight today. It’s hard to go back to watch the older series, and people generally don’t.

“Their expectations evolve as new technologies become commonplace. Think of what mobile games looked like before the iPhone came out, and that was only five years ago!”

In May, Epic also showcased its new Unreal Engine 4 technology, which will be prominent on next-gen consoles.

Source: X360 via NowGamer

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Next-gen graphics will be like “old Batman to Dark Knight”

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