Media Molecule announce Tearaway

The team behind LittleBigPlanet have been hard at work on their next title, Tearaway, which is a new IP from Media Molecule for the PS Vita platform.

Media Molecule’s Alex Evans took the stage at Gamescom to deliver some information about the studio’s upcoming adventure game.


Tearaway will see players take control of a character named Iota, a messenger from a paper dimension on a delivery mission. the urgent message he has to deliver is for the player, and the contents will be unique depending on your interactions throughout the game.

The game uses a distinctive art style, that of colourful folded papercraft. It is a 3D physics-puzzle adventure, a strong suit of Media molecule.

Players will use the PS Vita’s controls to help Iota navigate his way through levels, getting him from the paper world and into the real world.


Players can use the rear touch pad to poke their fingers into the game, rearranging and interacting with the level to kill enemies. The orientation of the screen can also be shifted to help Iota in certain situations.

The rear camera is also used to capture images behind the PS Vita, then incorporating them into the game through augmented reality.

No release date was given for the PS Vita adventure game.

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Media Molecule announce Tearaway

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