DayZ on console is a “definite possibility”, says dev

Now that DayZ is growing up to be a real game all on its own, what are the chances of seeing to launched for Xbox and PS3? It’s a “definite possibility”, apparently.

The hugely popular ARMA 2 zombie survival mod is now in development for as a standalone PC game at ARMA studio Bohemia Interactive, headed up by original mod creator Dean “Rocket” Hall.

“I think that, say, we did 2 million sales I think that definitely we’d start to look at things like [a console launch] being quite achievable,” Hall told NOW Gamer at Gamescom. “ArmA already has a background in going on to the 360 so it’s definite possibility.”

For the moment, though, the PC version remains the number one priority.

“I think it’s a staged-approach thing,” explained Hall. “So we’re really in the experimentation phase of it and that’s what the PC is really awesome for to experiment with it and we get the experience good and then if the sales are good then that means the demand is there and we look at what’s out there.”

What’s out there? I’ll tell you what’s out there, man. Bandits. They want to steal my hatchet, man, and that hatchet’s all I’ve got. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, because I don’t even have matches anymore, and even if I can kill a cow, I’ve got no way to cook that stuff. I’m going to die, man. I’m going to die, oh lawd. The horror, the horror.

Source: NOW Gamer

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DayZ on console is a “definite possibility”, says dev

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