Mists of Pandaria unlocks all heroes for everyone

Do you long to wage war against the monsters of World of Warcraft as a sneaky Goblin, but are too poorly to afford Cataclysm after your monthly internet bills?

Your empty pockets will no longer prevent you from enjoying the full spectrum of WoW’s species, as from Mist of Pandaria’s release all World of Warcraft players will be able to play any of Azeroth’s races, regardless of whether they’ve bought any of the expansions. This means Goblin and Worgen will no longer require Cataclysm, and Pandas won’t require Mists of Pandaria. The catch, however, is that not all classes will be playable, just the races.

Everyone knows pandas are badass and awesome, so this seems like a good ploy to get newer players to buy in to the game in the hopes of going kung-fu panda on various nasties, without having to purchase a load of expansions to go with it.

Of course, current players may be wishing they hadn’t pre-ordered after hearing the news.

Source: PC Gamer

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Mists of Pandaria unlocks all heroes for everyone

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