Gamers rejoice! ADSL speed upgrades are imminent

Telkom will start to upgrade its “Up to 1024kbps” ADSL users to “Up 2048kbps” on Friday 24 August 2012, and consumers should start to enjoy the higher speeds without any intervention from their side.

Telkom further confirmed that it is on track to start upgrading 384kbps clients to 1Mbps from 1 October 2012.

“Upgrades will happen automatically as part of a potential six week period to upgrade the total base per speed category,” said Telkom.

Telkom added that their full ADSL customer base across the country will be upgraded, and that the higher speeds should automatically take effect.

However, Telkom explained that while customers with newer modems should not need to reset their modem to get the higher speed, a reset may be necessary for older modems.

These ADSL speed upgrades will no doubt be welcomed by the gaming community utilising the service, as any extra bandwidth for the same ADSL line rental price will be put to good use. Large game patches will sting a little less, and bandwidth heavy games will be that much smoother to play.

Article Courtesy of MyBroadband – Telkom ADSL speed upgrade details

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Gamers rejoice! ADSL speed upgrades are imminent

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