DayZ standalone getting ragdoll physics, pets, and building tools

The uber-popular ARMA II mod, DayZ, is now becoming a standalone title, and mod creator Dean Hall has given some details on what to expect with the retail version.

DayZ will allow players to create underground structures, which can be modified and improved in a multitude of ways. These structures will be instanced, keeping them in a separate world from the above-ground battlefield. Things like generators and air conditioners can be built, with the liability of maintaining them coming into play.

A bit of Skyrim inspiration comes in the form of pets, as dogs can be “tamed”, and then able to sniff out zombies and other items to warn or notify the player.

Real-time weather, atmospheric effects, and lighting will be included too, along with rag-doll physics, making zombie-headshots that much more satisfying.

Ironically, for a game born out of a mod, the standalone version of DayZ will release without any mod support. Hall wants to ensure that they can provide a stable and reliable experience before they allow players to tamper with things.

On the flip side, the original ARMA II mod will be opened up for players to do with as they please, running their own servers and installing mods, for a mod.

The DayZ standalone title is scheduled to release on PC later this year..

Source: Cinema Blend

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DayZ standalone getting ragdoll physics, pets, and building tools

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