Dark Souls PC resolution mod released

The PC version of Dark Souls launches today, but… well, let’s just say it’s not pretty. In fact, for some reason, the game apparently refuses to run at any resolution higher than 1024 x 720, which mature readers will recognise as a popular resolution from about a hundred years ago.

Although there’s no official word from Namco or developer From Software about it, one industrious fan has already created a high-resolution mod for the game.

Of course, not being official means it’s, you know, not official and not 100% guaranteed to work without summoning a gigantic monster or something similarly catastrophic, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s a million times better than 1024 x 768. The mod adds support for resolutions up to full HD 1080p.

You can read the cautionary stuff and grab the fix over on NeoGAF, and there’s even a video showing off the game in a more year-appropriate format.

Source: Kotaku

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Dark Souls PC resolution mod released

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