Next-gen consoles hinted at by WWE developer

Whether on-purpose or not, WWE 13 senior producer Arnaud Frey revealed that a new WWE game is already in the works for next-gen consoles.

The interview is in French, although a NeoGAF user translated Frey’s words.

Frey said that the team is currently developing the next-gen wrestling title for the future consoles, which he also mentioned will be announced at E3 2013.

The secretive next-gen WWE game was said to be released within two years, while WWE 14 is still currently being developed for current-gen systems.

While it’s not official word from the console makers themselves, developers do have an insight into the development and release process of next-gen systems, so the expectation of an E3 2013 reveal is likely.

Source: NeoGaf, Jeux Video

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Next-gen consoles hinted at by WWE developer

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