Dementium II coming to PC

Memetic Games’ fear inducing-horror game Dementium II is making its way to PC.

Memetic and Digital Tribe Games have teamed up to rebuild the game for PC, as opposed to simply porting it.

Dementium II follows William Redmoor, a recent recipient of a radical brain operation and current inmate at the clandestine Bright Dawn Treatment Center for the criminally insane. His memories are fuzzy, but it appears that his wife and daughter were murdered, and all the evidence points towards William as the killer.

Playing as William, you begin to realise that the Doctor’s methods to fix your brain haven’t worked, as demons that were thought to be vanquished have appeared once again. Worse, it seems that the Doctor you let tickle your brain has some kind of evil scheme against you.

Dementium II was originally a DS game, launched in 2010, and delivered a frightening survival horror experience which created an instant cult-following.

No release date for the PC version has been given, although a disturbing teaser trailer has been released:

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Dementium II coming to PC

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