Steam Greenlight is a go

Valve has announced that Steam has officially received the “Greenlight” community feedback feature.

Known as the Steam Greenlight, the service enables Steam users to look through the digital distribution service and vote on which games come to Steam first, or whether they deserve to be on Steam at all – giving the community a voice on what they want to play.

“We’ve been working on this feature for the last few months with the input from a group of indie partners, and the response has been extremely positive,” Valve’s Anna Sweet said.

“With the additional help of beta testers, we are able to launch with a solid line-up of titles for the community to start viewing and rating. And, as we’ve done with all Steam features, we intend to continually grow and modify Greenlight as more and more developers and community members have a chance to get involved.”

So if you want to get involved in the future of Steam gaming, register now and vote.

Source: Steampowered

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Steam Greenlight is a go

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