Valve bans fake Steam Greenlight projects

Valve’s Steam Greenlight has been live for less than 48 hours, and somebody has already tried to post a 9/11 plane simulator on it. And been banned for it.

The new community-oriented system lets users vote on game proposals – mostly indie projects – to see what’s hot and what’s not with potential customers. Anybody can add their own project to the platform, so obviously that means there’s been a lot of Half-Life 3s and outrageously obnoxious stuff submitted because it’s hilarious or something.

“My friend and I learned the hard way. If you make a fake Greenlight project, prepare to get banned a week from community features,” reported Steam user Louie82Y. “I’m not contesting this ban, but I wish I could just make fake projects for the hell of it. I made my second project visible to friends only as an inside joke, and it got banned in seconds.”

“I’ve already seen just in the last HOUR: two entries for Mass Effect 3, five various entries for Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Command and Conquer 1, every single Need for Speed game,” another Steam user complained later in the same thread. “That’s not including patently offensive games that make fun of Africans, Indians, various pro/anti American games [and] a game about 9/11.”

The rules are simple, people – don’t be a dick.

Source: Eurogamer

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Valve bans fake Steam Greenlight projects

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