SA online gaming quality rises through the ranks

According to the latest Ookla Quality Index statistics, South Africa’s internet quality has improved by a number of ranks recently. Of the 64 countries measured between 3 August and 3 September 2012, South Africa comes in at number 37, up from 47 just over a month ago.*

South Korea still tops the list of countries in terms of quality internet connections, followed by Romania, Belarus, Macedonia, and the United Kingdom.

This is good news for South Africa’s online gamers, as a consistently stable internet connection with low latency and minimal data packet loss is important for a quality multiplayer experience.

One of the values measured by Ookla and its suite of Net Index tools is the Household Broadband Quality Index, which is based on recent test results from “This index compares and ranks consumer broadband quality around the globe,” Ookla explains on its site.

The R-factor is an indication of the quality of VoIP calls on a network, and is calculated using various metrics including latency, jitter and packet loss – all important to online gaming as well.

The R-factor has a typical range of 50-100 where a higher score indicates a better VoIP call environment. An R-Factor of between 80 and 94 is considered desirable while values of between 70 and 80 are acceptable.

At the time of publication, the average household quality index for the globe – hence the average R-factor – is 84.25. South Africa currently boasts an R-factor of 81.80, placing it among countries such as Canada, Australia, and Germany.

SA Internet Quality

South Africa Quality Index stats – 3 September 2012

Taking a closer look at South Africa over the last 30 days, Durban retains the Quality Index crown, at 85.65, and improvement on its score from a month ago, 84.54.

Telkom has supplanted Internet Solutions as the top ISP, with a Quality Index of 83.84.

Note that while the Quality Index ratings are based on tests made between 3 August and 3 September, the graphs represent that change in time from Mar 5, 2010 – Sep 3, 2012.

*Results were obtained by analyzing test data between Aug 3, 2012 and Sep 3, 2012. Tests from 1,498,180 unique IPs have been taken in South Africa and of 4,822,152 total tests, 9,545 are being used for the current Index.
Source: Ookla

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SA online gaming quality rises through the ranks

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