Battlefield 3 Armored Kill SA servers ready to roll

Battlefield 3 Premium users on Xbox 360 and PC will soon be getting their first taste of the largest map in Battlefield history, experienced through the targeting reticules of all-new ATVs, tanks, and artillery vehicles. For non-premium members, the general release on PlayStation 3 is 18 September, and 25 September for Xbox 360 and PC.

South Africa’s major gaming service providers have confirmed that they will have PC servers live and ready for the roll-out of the expansion on 11 September.

iGame Online

An iGame Online representative confirmed that there will be 2 Armored Kill-only servers:

  • ZA iGame Maverick AK: Tank Superiority – 48 Player Tank Superiority mode with all the Armored Kill maps
  • ZA iGame Brimstone AK:Conquest – 48 Player Conquest Large with all the Armored Kill maps

iGame said that they will increase player slots should the need arise, and that all existing iGame servers will remain open to premium and non premium players.

MWEB GameZone

MWEB confirmed servers for the launch of Armored Kill. “MWEB GameZone will host a couple of mixed and dedicated servers to determine which ones are more popular. If gamers want to provide input, they are always welcome to give suggestions on server configurations on our forums, or if they want control over their own servers, they can rent a Battlefield 3 server from and configure their server setup as they wish,” said Desmond Kurz, MWEB Online Gaming Manager.

Kurz explained that server  naming conventions are dictated by EA, but players can look for “Armored Kill” or “AK” in the server name for the dedicated Armored Kill Servers. Battelog’s built-in filter will also work, added Kurz.

Regarding additional servers when the individual expansion goes live on 25 September, Kurz said “We have plenty of capacity, so we will certainly scale up the number of servers, as required and as demand dictates.”

WAGE (Web Africa Gaming Experience)

WAGE Game Master Robert Tait said “We’ve already deployed our new servers which should be visible in Battlelog. We have put up three new servers. They will be Armored Kill-only, although we will be adding the new maps to the map rotation of some of our existing servers.”

  • ZA [WAGE] Sherman: 64 slots – Conquest Large
  • ZA [WAGE] Challenger: 32 slots – Tank Superiority
  • ZA [WAGE] Leopard: 32 slots – Custom/Mixed game modes

“We will not likely need to deploy additional servers at this stage. However, we will happily match demand if more are needed. We’ve also tweaked and updated our server-side configuration; we’re ready for Armored Kill,” said Tait.

Do Gaming

Telkom’s Do Gaming recently launched public gaming servers, and has confirmed that they will be hosting Armored Kill servers:

  • ZA Do Gaming Armored Kill Superiority (64 Player)
  • ZA Do Gaming Armored Kill Conquest (32 Player)

IS Gaming

Internet Solutions gaming division also confirmed servers for Armored Kill. IS Gaming services manager, Davin Hansen, said that they will host 4 Armored Kill servers for now, and if demand is high, more will be added.

IS Gaming will provide 3 Armored Kill-only servers, and one containing a mix of maps. All IS Gaming servers will carry the prefix “ZA -IS-“.

SAIX Gaming Service did not reply by the time of publication.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Key Features

  • All-out vehicle warfare on four new maps;
  • Includes the biggest map in Battlefield history;
  • New vehicles, including tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery;
  • Bring back five new vehicle unlocks to the base game;
  • Earn 20+ unlocks for the new vehicles in Armored Kill;
  • New Tank Superiority game mode; and
  • All maps playable with all six game modes.

Where will you be playing Armored Kill? Let us know in the comments below and on the MyGaming forum.

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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill SA servers ready to roll

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