BF3 Armored Kill update incoming, dinosaur Easter egg found

Despite only releasing a few moments ago, the Armored Kill expansion for Battlefield 3 is already getting its first update.

DICE will be releasing a patch to fix a number of issues with the map pack. The fixes include tweaks targeted playability and game balance.

The patch should arrive late next week for the PS3 and early next week for the Xbox 360 and PC. The good news is that the patch is a server-side update, so players do not have to do anything to get the update.

Some of the fixes include the Gunship spawn time in Rush mode, which is the major complaint among current Armored Kill players. Another fix is being applied to the mobile artillery Proximity Defense, which is causing players to “suicide”.

Another interesting piece of info (with no relation to the patch) is that an Easter Egg was discovered – a T-Rex skull was found on one of the Armored Kill maps, which is sure to kickstart some more dino rumours.

Don’t forget to hash-tag all your your tweets with #BF3Dinos if you want DICE to take notice.

Source: Gustav Halling

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BF3 Armored Kill update incoming, dinosaur Easter egg found

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