Violent gamers are more pain tolerant: study

A new study suggests that playing violent video games increases your pain tolerance.

The study, conducted by Richard Stephens and Claire Aslop of Keele University, explores the effects video games have on pain tolerance levels.

The research had 40 subjects play violent video games, while others played a non-violent game (a golf game), and then monitored how long the subjects could keep their hands submerged in icy water.

Those who played the violent games managed to hold out 65% longer. Researchers believe that’s because the games triggered a “fight or flight”, which allowed them to become more pain tolerant.

The study builds on earlier work from the team that showed that swearing increases pain tolerance, too.

“Swearing produces a pain lessening (hypoalgesic) effect for many people… These data indicate that people become more pain tolerant with raised state aggression and support our theory that raised pain tolerance from swearing occurs via an emotional response,” the research summarises.

Source: Keele, AmSci

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Violent gamers are more pain tolerant: study

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