DayZ on console “makes sense”, says developer

Now that DayZ is going to be a real game all on its own, the most important question is – will the inventory bug that makes stuff like MY VERY RARE SNIPER RIFLE* vanish when I put it on the ground for, like, ONE SECOND, be sorted out? We don’t have answers for that just yet, the next most important question – is it coming to console? – seems to be a tentative “yes”.

“You’ve seen the success of Minecraft on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and we’d probably be stupid not to try to do something similar. We’ve always wanted to make games for consoles as well. Obviously we’re a PC developer and have been for some years, but consoles have a huge market and you don’t have so many problems with piracy,” producer Jan Kunt told Videogamer.

“So it’s really interesting. PC is what it is, and I personally think PC players will stay as PC players, but the console has more penetration into mainstream markets. People who wouldn’t play games on PC, they buy an Xbox or PS3 as a medium to play games. So from that point of view it makes sense to go for consoles.”

The game is already confirmed for a PC launch later this year, with a whole bunch of new features including real-time weather effects, building tools, and puppy-doggies.

* Technically, it was a can of beans, but it could have been my very rare sniper rifle. Which technically isn’t even that rare, but damn it, it’s the principle of the thing.
Source: Videogamer

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DayZ on console “makes sense”, says developer

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