Nintendo Wii U South Africa launch date confirmed

South Africa’s Core Gaming Systems, on behalf of Nintendo Europe, has confirmed that the Nintendo Wii U console will be hitting South African retail on 30 November 2012.

Recommended pricing information for the Basic and Premium models of the system has yet to be confirmed by Core.

For South Africa , the Premium package will include:

  • Black Wii U console with 32GB internal storage;
  • GamePad touchscreen control and cradle;
  • Wii sensor bar;
  • Power adapters;
  • HDMI cable; and
  • Nintendo Land game.

The Premium bundle will also include membership of Nintendo Network Premium, giving discounts on digital software.

The Basic package will include:

  • Wii U console with 8GB internal storage;
  • GamePad touchscreen control;
  • Power adapters;
  • HDMI cable.

The Wii U supports SD memory cards and external USB storage to expand on the internal. Wii U game discs have a 25GB capacity.

The console uses 2GB of RAM; 1GB for games, and 1GB for system memory. This means that users will be able to surf the internet and MiiVerse without quitting their game.

No launch title pricing was given for Europe, as retailers across the region are free to set their own pricing. In the US, the Wii U is confirmed to cost US$299.99 (±R2,500) for Basic package, and US$349.99 (±R2,925) for the Premium package. It is launching on 18 November in the US.

Source: Nintendo SA Facebook

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Nintendo Wii U South Africa launch date confirmed

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