Wii U conspicuously missing from Amazon pre-order

As the world watched yesterday when the Wii U held its official release announcement, and Apple released their seventh cellphone or whatever, retailers immediately started advertising that they had the Wii U available for preorder.

Well, everyone that is except Amazon, who did kind of the opposite. Rather than simply not pre-selling the Wii U, the online retail giant also made the effort to e-mail all interested customers that the system was not available for preorder.

In an e-mail with the subject “Your Request for Information on Wii U Availability,” Amazon informed their customers of the following:

“Unfortunately the Wii U console is not available at Amazon.com at this time but please check back in the future, as availability may change.” It did however offer the consolation option of accessories and games.

Neither of the companies (Amazon and Nintendo) have made further comment on the situation.

Source: GamesIndustry

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Wii U conspicuously missing from Amazon pre-order

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