Dark Souls for PC gets 60 fps mod

From Software’s PC version of Dark Souls might’ve shipped out with most of its PC-exclusive features lacking, but isn’t it supposed to be one of the hardest games ever? Fixing those problems is just part of that, and the PC modding community has now added a 60 fps mod to go with the high-resolution mod released last month.

Next up, maybe a mod that actually makes the game even remotely fair? Ha, never, but at least you can die at a decent frame rate.

Until now, the PC version of the game was locked at the console version’s standard 30 frames per second, but modder Nwks has created a mod that removes this limit, pushing it up to 60 fps instead. The mod works only in offline mode and is still in alpha, though, so there’s no guarantee it won’t break your game and ruin everything. Real life doesn’t have campfire save points, unfortunately. The modding community should probably get on that.

Source: DSO Gaming

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Dark Souls for PC gets 60 fps mod

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