Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition delayed

If you’d planned to buy the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition when it launches tomorrow, well, cancel your plans. The game has been delayed until November because, basically, it’s not finished.

Miniature giant space hamsters may or may not be involved, but as Overhaul Games president Trent Oster explained, the overwhelming response from fans has simply made the project much bigger than originally expected.

“Executing on our plan to make the best Baldur’s Gate possible and responding to that overwhelming feedback, we’ve added new characters, areas, and story, creating many new hours of game play. Yet the suggestions, fixes, and translations continue, and more volunteers keep joining,” he said.

“After recently reviewing the game and then consulting with our partners, we’ve decided to ensure that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is the best possible product on launch. Thus, we have pushed back the release date of the game. Our plan is to release in November, 2012.”

In the meantime though, I rolled a D20 and according to the Dungeon Master’s Handbook, I’m apparently “totally disappointed”, but not enough to trigger a berserker rage.

Source: Baldur’s Gate official forums

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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition delayed

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