Half-Life 3 features “open-world, quests and NPCs”, claims source

In news that comes with a complimentary 10kg hessian sack of sodium chloride, an anonymous source “close to Valve” has told a Greek website a whole bunch of “confidential details” about Half-Life 3.

A charmingly quirky Google translation of the article reveals that the game “will always be a very action-oriented, but with many RPG elements: open-world, quests and NPCs will be waiting for you”.

Somewhat more credibly, the game’s development has apparently been “very chaotic”, including “revisions total gameplay”, and will only launch “after 2013”, but everybody pretty much knew that already.

Current trends in Half-Life 3 Delay Theory posit that the game’s ongoing no-show is partly due to the development of Valve’s next-gen Source engine, which is consistent with those last few claims. Or Valve just likes making people wait.

Source: Journaldugamer (via OXM)

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  • Kromas

    If I wanted open world quests and NPC’s I would go play Fallout. I really hope this is a rumour. This could ruin Half Life like the new gameplay hurt C&C4.

  • Nero55

    Go fetch 8 Combine eyes….

  • warr10r

    Remember, 10kg hessian sack of sodium chloride….

  • Why does this make me think of Rage? If it’s anything like that I’ll not buy it. Though most of this info seems like it came from someone who hates half life 😉

  • Alex

    Why? I have faith that whatever Valve creates will be a good game. So I’ll get it. If it turns out to be as bad as Rage then my opinion of them will change. But I don’t think it’s fair to say you won’t get HL3 because some other designer designed some other type of game that you didn’t like.

  • nicki vallentgoed

    The memory of hl 1 and hl 2 is just that, a great memory.
    But none of the oldies that I re-bought via steam was as good as I remembered them.
    Valve should just can the HL franchise and make something new and refreshing

Half-Life 3 features “open-world, quests and NPCs”, claims source

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