League of Legends DDoS attacks addressed by Riot

Riot Games has chimed in on the recent DDoS attacks which plagued League of Legends.

A group of users tried to overwhelm servers and kill games that are in-progress, with some gamers experiencing problems, but Riot has said that a hotfix will end those troubles.

“We’ve put some changes in place that prevent games from dying” said Riot Games’ producer. “Players in a targeted game will still experience lag and possibly be disconnected, but the client should now be able to reconnect to the game automatically and resume where it left off.”

Riot also claims that steps have been taken to identify the attackers, who will eventually be removed from the service permanently.

“Additionally we are pursuing legal avenues and working with the proper authorities,” said Riot. “We’re doing everything we can to implement short- and long-term solutions to fight these types of activities. When someone’s intentionally ruining the experience of other players, we take it very seriously.”

Oh, oh, oh – record scratch! – I thought the whole point of playing League of Legends was intentionally ruining the experience of other players.

Have you experienced any problems playing League of Legends lately? Have you been involved in DDos attacks on League of Legends lately? We want to know! And if it’s the latter, please leave your name, ID number, and credit card information, so we can extort you for cash. We’re almost out of Nespresso pods in the office, and those things are expensive.

Source: League of Legends forums

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League of Legends DDoS attacks addressed by Riot

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