Gamers are incredibly savvy internet users

Proving once again that pretty much everything you do, Google knows about it, a study published by the internet behemoth reveals that gamers spend a whole lot of time searching for game stuff online.

In a recent study – “Understanding the Modern Gamer” – Google analysed search engine data from “millions” of gamers around the planet, and determined that “Gamers are incredibly savvy Internet users whose searches reveal an extraordinarily high level of intention.”

An incredibly savvy internet user displaying high levels of intention.

According to the information, desktop search activity in the 10 months around a major game launch is up 20 percent and mobile searches up 188 percent from 2011.

Interestingly enough, these search trends are also a predictor of a game’s sales – a game that accrues 250,000 Google AdWords clicks in the same time period is expected to sell 2 – 4 million units in its first four months.

“Gamers seek different information as they proceed through the purchase path – they care about publisher-released assets during pre-launch, advancement information (such as tips) during launch, and extension content (such as DLC) during post-launch,” reads the report.

Not surprisingly, in busy launch periods, search activity shows that gamers research which games to buy, with the average gamer considering at least two titles before making a final decision. The paper describes this as a cycle:

During the 6 months pre-launch, gamers are most interested in researching official publisher-released content to help them decide which titles to buy. Gamers want to know when titles will be available, view trailers, see game art, and play short versions of games.

During launch, gamers who have purchased a title shift their attention to advancement. Players seek walkthroughs to navigate their experience and desktop wallpaper to make the game a part of their daily lives. Those who have not made a purchase decision seek reviews – both professional and amateur – to finalize their choices.

Reviews continue to be in demand even 4 months after release week as some gamers remain undecided. During post-launch, those who have already purchased encounter another decision requiring research – whether to extend their experience by buying downloadable content (DLC).

After committing to a title, the research phase begins again as gamers decide what to buy next.

Ha, you use walkthroughs? Now everybody knows.

Source: Google

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Gamers are incredibly savvy internet users

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