ADSL speed upgrades start

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Telkom will start to upgrade its entry level 384kbps ADSL clients to 1Mbps today (1 October 2012) – a process which is anticipated to continue for approximately six weeks.

The entry level ADSL speed upgrades follow Telkom’s upgrade of “Up to 1024kbps” ADSL users to “Up 2048kbps” which started in August.

Telkom said that its upgrade of 1Mbps clients to 2Mbps will also continue as there are still some regions where these upgrades have to be concluded.

“This is due to numerous end subscriber modems being switched off and subsequently could not be upgraded and synced on the new profiles,” Telkom said.

Telkom has also recently launched a pilot programme to begin testing high speed broadband offerings.

Broadband speeds of up to 40 Mbps will be tested in the pilot where Telkom has deployed new generation access network kits in five areas of three provinces in South Africa.

Last week (28 September 2012) Telkom announced that MWeb, Internet Solutions, WebAfrica, and Cybersmart will join Telkom Internet to test broadband speeds of up to 40Mbps.

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ADSL speed upgrades start

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