StarCry mod brings sci-fi love to Crysis

After four long years of development, the Crysis mod StarCry has finally been completed, and brings a whole new look and feel to Crytek’s 2007 shooter.

StarCry, being heavily inspired by StarGate, contains “more than 1,000 new objects, 2,000 textures, 20 weapons, and 1,000 lines of dialogue”, which have been added to the original game. This results in about 8 hours of gameplay for a first play-through.

In addition to the obvious StarGate references, are tons of Star Wars, Star Trek, Gears of War, Starship Troopers, and plenty other sci-fi movie and gaming nods.

StarCry was made by the two-man team of Mick (2D and 3D graphics, coding, video and music) and Dark_Wolf (3D graphics, coding and mapping). Head on over to for a free download, and you can also throw them a donation for their hard work if you like the game.


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StarCry mod brings sci-fi love to Crysis

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