SA’s non-core gamers sustain the market

Ster Kinekor Entertainment (SKE) is one of South Africa’s largest video game product distributors, handling Sony Computer Entertainment Enterprises, SEGA, THQ, Bethesda, Warner Bros. Interactive, Capcom, Konami, and D3Publisher.

We caught up with SKE CEO Mario Dos Santos, who was attending rAge 2012, to find out just how the business has been going from strength to strength this year.

“The market as a whole continues to grow and we’ve been fortunate with the acquisition of a number of publishers, so we’ve had some exponential growth, which is something we’ve been really excited about,” said Dos Santos.

SKE recently acquired the SA distribution rights of Sega and Warner Bros. Interactive, so we inquired as to how this has bolstered their business. “More publishers gives you a greater spread of releases in terms of new releases, but more importantly, they also come with strong catalogues behind them. These catalogues also feature great prices, and with the market migrating from new release to catalogue, its particularly important to have so much additional content on-board,” said Dos Santos.

We asked if there are any products among South African distributor’s portfolio’s which stand out within the South African market. “There’s a few big franchises that mirror the rest of the world, such as the FIFA franchise. But on [the SKE] side, God of War is one which stands out, and is the biggest single-platform release for us. But on the whole, there’s a relatively even spread of all the publishers and their games amongst the SA market.”

Speaking to SA market demographics, Dos Santos discussed their hopes on capturing a wider audience. “Gaming has evolved from the core gamer to the second, or even third, wave of gamers that pick up a game and play two or three times a month, so we’re also focusing on that market, and to do that we have to make sure that we have a good offer of content at a great price. The core gamers are still going out and grabbing games day 1, but the sustainability of the market will essentially come from servicing the balance of the market.”

Mario Dos Santos (left), along with Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and India GM Robert Visser

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SA’s non-core gamers sustain the market

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