SA’s most popular online store among gamers

According to the latest MyGaming Survey results, conducted in September 2012, Takealot is the most popular store for purchasing games online among SA’s gamers, used by 57.68% of the survey participants.

Kalahari and BT Games were close for second (50.66%) and third (49.89%) respectively.

With a sample of 912 responses, we are given a good picture of the high-end SA gaming market and their habits.

The following table provides an overview of the survey feedback. The results are ordered according to popularity.

We asked survey participants which online stores they use for purchasing games. The percentage is of the total sample of 912, and it exceeds 100% because this was a multiple choice question, meaning participants shop at more than one of the stores listed.

Takealot 57.68%
Kalahari 50.66%
BT Games 49.89%
Other 11.29%
Loot 6.80%
Steam 6.14%
Want It All 3.07%
Wootware 2.96%
Zaps 2.96%
Have 2 Have 1.75%
Origin 1.54%
Bid or buy 1.54%

More results from the MyGaming survey will be released over the coming days.

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SA’s most popular online store among gamers

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