Most popular ADSL ISP among SA’s gamers

According to the September 2012 MyGaming Survey results, MWEB is the most popular primary ADSL Internet service provider (ISP) among SA’s high-end gamers, used by 42.8% of the sample.

Afrihost is second (19.2%) and Telkom Internet is third (16.05%)

It was previously revealed that ADSL is currently the most popular primary gaming connection among South Africa’s gamers, with 79.93% of the survey sample using this connection type.

Of the total survey sample of 912, there were 729 participants who indicated they use ADSL. We asked which Internet Service Provider (ISP) they use primarily for gaming. The following table provides an overview of the survey feedback. The results are ordered according to popularity.

The percentage is of the sample of 729 ADSL users. This was not a multiple choice question as we were looking for the most popular primary ADSL ISP among gamers.

ADSL Internet Service Provider – MyGaming Survey (September 2012)
MWEB 42.8%
Afrihost 19.2%
Telkom Internet 16.05%
Web Africa 9.47%
Openweb 3.02%
Axxess 2.33%
Internet Solutions 2.19%
Cybersmart 1.78%
Other 1.51%
FNB Connect 0.82%
@lantic Vox 0.69%

More results from the MyGaming survey will be released over the coming days.

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Most popular ADSL ISP among SA’s gamers

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